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Todd Shanks has completed the Dave Ramsey training course, and is now a "Dave Ramsey-Certified Counselor." Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert, and an extremely popular national radio personality. His three-hour daily radio program can be heard on over 260 stations nationwide, including the Salina area. Todd has been personally trained by Dave and his staff to offer two-hour counseling sessions designed to analyze your personal finances, set goals, and become financially empowered. Todd has nothing to sell except his expertise and objective opinions to help accomplish your personal financial goals.


Click here to contact Todd to schedule a counseling session, or you may call him in the Salina office.

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New Employees and Associates






Christine joins the firm as our newly created position of Office Manager. Christine is co-owner, with her husband Quentin, of Stevens Contractors, Inc. in Salina. She has been, and will continue as the office manager of their company-and will bring over twenty years experience in that capacity to Woods-Durham.


Welcome to the Firm, Christine!







Brooke has joined the firm as an intern in the Nebraska offices. Brooke is completing her senior year at Peru State College and will be working with us at least through December. Upon graduation, she plans to take the CPA examination in 2020.


Welcome, Brooke!